Midniters Interview on Terror Incognito release

Planet X spoke to Steve Midniter about the new album TERROR INCOGNITO.

PX: Can you tell us why you made a new album?

SM: Well that was simple we had a bunch of new songs and after thirty years we had something new to say and most importantly for me in a new way.

PX: Yes the sound is fuller and more powerful but still retains that twang and drive from the original ‘Easy Money” album. What made you opt for a harder sound?

SM: When we reformed the band a few years ago we tried a few incarnations but when I was introduced to Brian Roe as a potential drummer things came together. Brian was (and still is) awesome. He is a pro and has played with loads of bands from Punk, Indie , and Rock. He is the best drummer I’ve played with and we had a real musical bond. When we rehearsed we could take the songs in different directions and add lib and riff off each other.

Brian beats the sh*t out of the drums and has a hard driven sound. He can swing it with the best of them but for what we wanted he was perfect. For a songwriter as well as performer Brian is manner from Heaven he has the skill to try different things but most of all he is always hard to the beat.

I prefer a hard sound plenty of metal sounding click on the slap and resonant tone on his bass so together the rhythm track sound was stronger and heavier than we had had before.

PX: That may be the case but the guitars aren’t exactly shy and retiring!?

SM: Okay well you’re right. My own sound was harder and more cutting. I found a sound which worked with either Gretsch or Fender Guitars and that was through my Fender Mustang 4. This sound I managed to replicate in the studio using my 1969 Fender Bassman with the aide of some FX. So when it was brought it together it was as hard as nails

PX: So what sound do you call it?

SM: I would say we are an Alternative Rockabilly band. The Sound is really hard rockabilly with a rock twist. As time moves on you cant live in the past and to me, the true spirit of rockabilly and rock and roll is to push things to the limit and f*ck what anybody says. You have to respect the history and the pioneers from the 50s,60s,70s, and 80s but you have to do your own thing in your own way.

PX: What is your favourite track on the new album?

SM: I think it is our best album to date and my favourite track is Pistolero. It is a cover of a Steve Stevens song that was turned into a dance track in the 2000’s and was featured in an animation movie. We turned it into a spaghetti western anthem which has slow and fast sections but it never loses the quality of the tune or of the original.

PX: You cover Personal Jesus on the album, but it’s different from any other version I’ve heard.

SM: Yes, it’s like Adam and the Ants meets the Glitter band with slap bass. We’re really happy with how it turned out. Mark does some great bass playing and it shows no mercy from start to end.

PX: What is the best track you contributed to the album?

SM: I think In the Shadows is my fav but I’m also really happy with Dead man’s hand and Got too hurry.

PX: What’s so special about those ones?

SM: With Shadows I wanted to create an atmosphere that came right out of the old Sherlock Movies from the 40s, a bit like victorian steam punk versus Jack the Ripper in old London Town. I love the drums and thundering bass. We actually did two videos fro the song so hopefully Planet X will post them both.

Dead Man is a good stomping track that hopefully reflects back on our time touring with The Stray Cats.

When I was learning guitar I spent time with Mark Denman, the original Long Tall Texans Guitarist. We shared a love of the blues and of the Screaming Blue Messiahs and for me Got too Hurry has one of the best riffs I’ve ever come up with and is influenced by both Mark and Bill Carter from the Messiahs.

PX: What are your plans now the album is out?

SM: We hope to do some gigs in 2018 and promote this album and the old favourites from Easy Money into a new set. Like most of the bands from back then we have all been around on and off for over 30 years now so we have plenty of material and the crowds are great. The Midniters haven’t played since 2015 and the original bass player left the band.

Met a Japanese guy a while ago when we played Pyscho mania Rumble who wanted me to sign the original ‘Easy Money’ album. He was a true fan and it was great to meet someone from the other side of the planet who liked what you did.

We also have made some videos to help promote the album which will be on the Planet X You Tube channel and we hope Planet X will help us along the way as well.

PX: We sure will earthling!

If you want to hear the new album follow these links via the interweb thang……iTunes https://goo.gl/1iXYjA