The Midniters Band Interviews: Chris Barker – Drums

Planet X interviews Chris Barker who is joining The Midniters for some gigs in 2018.

PX: How long have you been playing?

CB: 16 years, with a 2-year break in-between to travel the world
PX: What bands are you working with?
CB: Charlie Melrose – Soul, pop, singer-songwriter
Got Milk? – Functions band anything from James Brown to the Jungle Book
I also teach drums regularly and am a session musician
PX: Are you looking forward to playing some gigs with The Midniters this year?
CB: Sure am! been a while since I’ve done a project which needs such a quick right
PX: Who are your biggest musical influences?
CB: I’d say that my favourite modern band are ‘The Cat Empire’.
Anything with musicality and creativity at the forefront really.
Drumming wise I’d go with Stewart Copland (of The Police) and Antonio Sanches (Birdman Soundtrack)
Scopeland .jpg
Stewart Copeland
PX: You really have got that rhythm bug with those choices
CB: Yes new to the Rockabilly scene so, just that I’m ready for a new challenge and to have some fun!
Antonio Sanchez
PX: Thanks Chris


chris B pic 3
Chris Barker