The Midniters Band Interviews Serena Sykes Bass

Planet X Interviews Serena Sykes

Serena Sykes

PX: How long have you been playing?

SS: 4 years, and I’m addicted 😉

PX: What bands are you working with?

SS: At the moment I’m working with Bamboozle, Swing Noir and The Midniters, with a few dep gigs in between. This year is looking like a lot of fun! 


Serena Sykes on stage with Bamboozle


PX: Are you looking forward to playing some gigs with The Midniters this year?

SS: I can’t wait. It will officially be my first outing on the Psychobilly scene, but I have a feeling it won’t be my last. 

PX: Who are your biggest musical influences?

SS: Two of my biggest influences on bass are Steve Whitehouse and Lee Rocker. Steve is a true gent and really helped me out when I started playing. He’s a wealth of knowledge and one of the best slap bass players I’ve seen. 

PX: Anything else you want to say?

SS: Rock on! 

PX: Thanks Serena