Steve  Midniter speaks about the new band line up

Steve  Midniter speaks to Planet X about the new band line up

PX: First things first what happened to the previous line up?

SM: I had a lot of stuff going on with business and had to take some time off. But a few years later I wanted to finish the ‘Terror Incognito’ album off and play some live dates again.


It’s fair to say that Mark Beard and I have different musical influences and we had a great time playing together again after such a long break but people move on and I wish him well.

Brian Roe was the best drummer I’ve ever played with and we clicked at rehearsals and live. We could just riff off each other forever. He and I just had similar tastes and would always push the music in different directions and try new things.

He has hung up his sticks now as he concentrates on the new businesses he set up. I may be able to tempt him out of retirement one day but until then I hope his new ventures go really well.

PX: How did you meet the new band members?

SM: After finishing the new album I had loads of new ideas and wanted to work with some new people in the studio and live.

Serena Sykes is a fantastic musician and whether in the studio (or indeed live) I want to work with people who can play and improvise. I really liked the version of Nick Cave’s ‘Red Right Hand ‘ that her band Bamboozle do and so got in touch to see if we could work together. I invited her to work on a new project I am working on ‘ Killer Tone Jones and the Rockin’ Bones’ and she was great, knew her stuff and it was fun to work with her.

So I was chuffed when she agreed to work on The Midniters with me this year.

Chris is an exceptional Drummer the guy has got the rhythm and he has a good rep. He’s going to bring extra swing and energy. He teaches my son drums and has a solid studio and live pedigree.

PX: So will you sound different?

SM: For sure we will. I suspect we will be more rockin’ and vibrant and they will keep me on my toes musically which is a good challenge to have.

mid 2018 line up hqimage

PX: Cant wait to hear the new line up at Bedlam in September.

SM: Cheers

Live at a German Festival