Ready to Rock!

Planet X catch up with Steve Midniter with just a week to go before The Midniters show at Bedlam Breakout Festival on September 15th.

PX: How have rehearsals been going?

SM: Really good we’re ready to roll and we can’t wait!

PX: What can the mad bunch at Bedlam expect this time around?

SM: A good selection of old and new, this year is the 30th anniversary of the release of Easy Money so we’ve got a few early tracks in the set, plus some from walk the line and our critically acclaimed new album Terror Incognito.

PX: How have the new line up been shaping up?

SM: honestly their the best live musicians I’ve ever played with. Serena is a top bass player and Chris can play lots of different styles so we’ve been having fun. We’ve been working on some new arrangements and getting a strong set together.

PX: So you’re ready to rock then?

SM: absolutely we cant wait

PX: What time are you on?

SM: 8:30PM