Midniters video banned by You Tube!

Calling all earthlings our fave band The Midniters have been banned by those all powerful planet earth controllers You Tube.

The cigar box version of Easy Money has been stricken off the site for breaching community standards?!?!

Reasons? The auto response algorithm obviously doesn’t appreciate the mastery of Steve Midniters countrified twang of the classic tune 😱 it is obviously programmed to embrace Miley, Ed and Beyoncé and to spurn the purist tribal tunes.

Will this ban be lifted? Send us your answers on a postcard…. oh wait here on Planet X we have progressed beyond physical mail and use telepathic mind transfer so send us you thoughts earthlings via the meta band wave of rock and roll aka messaging services.

Meanwhile this galactic insult is not going unpunished. Planet X is fighting back and we have decided to launch an attack with our inter planetary death ray ☠️☠️☠️

Before the end of all life on Planet Earth watch the video here and protest against the corporate elite and their mind control propaganda 👽