Live Videos of The Midniters @ Bedlam 2018 now on YouTube

Great news for the weekend not one, not two but SIX!  Live Videos of The Midniters @ Bedlam 2018 now on YouTube.

Steve Midniter told Planet X ‘ It was a great night for us, it was the first time we had played for about four years and we went down a storm! we had a fantastic time and the crowd was fantastic’

Midniters live at Bedlam 2018

“Serena and Chris were great to play with and we hope to play a few more times together in 2019”

The videos are now live here on our very own YouTube channel. Midniters on YouTube

So far for your aural delight, we have added Pistolero, Personal Jesus, Terror Incognito and Got To Hurry from the highly acclaimed new ‘Terror Incognito’ album and Dead Man’s Curve and Swords of a 1000 men from the classic ‘Easy Money’ album.

Both available now to buy here