Killer Tone Jones First EP Release in 2019

It’s Psychotic, hypnotic and a real rock and roll tonic

The first release from Killer Tone Jones in 2019!

Planet X is preparing to release a 4 track EP in April 2019. The EP will feature Crush The Bone a track from Killer Tone Jones’ debut album Growl as well as three other tracks  The Girl from Planet X, Live:Die: Repeat and Death Cabaret.

Click here for a video exclusive Crush The Bone EP Promo Video

Apart from Killer Tone Jones the tracks feature Steve Jeffery from The Midniters, Serena Sykes from Bamboozle and Lottie B from The Jive Aces.

The dead beat sound of Killer Tone Jones is a mixture of B movie nightmares and garage laced with vintage Gretsch and Fender twang.

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Killer Tone Jones Growl
Killer Tone Jones Growl