Crush The Bone Cover story

There is always a risk when one art form meets another, especially when music meets visual art, both creatives can want their own vision above all else and that’s why it was essential hank Planet X sourced an experienced and recognised Illustrator for its debut Killer Tone Jones release ‘Crush The Bone’.

Planet X commissioned Darren Merinuk from the US to craft a monster cover for the 4 track EP. Darren had all the right influences from B-movies, sleaze and horror. He also had a great track record so for us this earthling had what it took to advance our alien propaganda.

For the cover we wanted to show Killer Tone Jones at play in his laboratory and to illustrate his quest for eternal resurrection for the dead through experimentation and chemistry.

We’ve included the step by step stages from conception to final draft for the cover illustration. The EP will be released on 1st May 2019 with preorders from late April. You can order via the usual download and streaming sites or via our webshop.