King Merinuk The Killer Illustrator!

Planet X interviews Darren Merinuk US illustrator and cover creator for Killer Tone Jones debut EP ‘Crush The Bone’.

How long have you been creating art?

Been drawing since I was a little kid. Didn’t really get serious about it until the early ’90s though. Started getting record sleeve work in ’92/’93 so I’ve been at it awhile!

What / who have been your biggest influences?

My biggest influence is the old EC comics from the fifties. Also underground comix, sleaze culture in general (B-movies, girlie magazines, tattoos etc), and any artist that’s doing intense, detailed work.

What methods/ techniques do you use?

Strictly old school, brush and ink on paper for me. I use the computer to add color and make a file that printers can work with but most of the work is done by hand like a caveman would do.

Who would you urge people to google to find other active artists?

Some current artists I like are Sol Rac, Karl Kaufman, Dave Warren, Marcel Bontempi, Dirty Donny, Olaf Jens, Dr. Chainsaw and Furillo from Palmeras & Puros zine. Geniuses one and all!

What do you like about the Killer Tone Jones commission?

I’m pretty happy with how this one turned out! Drawing monsters is always a pleasure and the overall creepiness of it worked out pretty well, I think. I like the music I’ve heard so far as well.

What projects are you working on next?

Next up is a tour poster for an Australian garage combo, then a sleeve for a comp of Brazilian ’60s bands. After that, God knows what!

If anyone wants to know more about Daren’s work they can check out his art blog at or at