Girl From Planet X Video premiere 13th July 2019

Girl From Planet X Video premiere 13th July 2019

new Killer Tone Jones Video Premiere coming soon!

The video premiere of The Girl From Planet X will be on 13th July at 19:00 GMT. The video is a tale of terror and mayhem as Planet Earth is ravaged by The Robot hoards sent by the Girl from Planet X.

There is no escape for the human race as the aliens invade from outer space!

B Movie Madness

Whilst most bands seek the glory of the new age Killer Tone Jones beams his unique brand of garage Rock n Roll trash from a different era.

Planet X have produced a video straight from the classic era of 1950s Sci Fi and mixed in the ghost of universal horror from decades before!

If you like to suffer under the heat of an alien death ray or escape the zombie space raiders then this is for you

The Killer gives a warm welcome