Warning Warning psycho surf attack!

BOMBORA The New EP release from Killer Tone Jones

Bombora the second EP released by Killer Tone Jones is a four-track surf trash offering living up to the low life now expected from the Killer.


Planet X asks Steve Jeffery what is this surfin’ for psychos all about?

“This EP comes with a warning it’s pure surf rock n roll trash. We have used old recording effects and a serious amount of Fender and Gretsch instrumentation to create an authentic sound with a modern twist.

PX: what are the tracks about?

SJ: the tracks are about old surfin superstars and that 50s vibe mixed with the usual B Movie ambience.

Big Fat Jacks Shack is a tribute to Jack O’Neill. The man that launched a million wetsuits and even more T-shirts and almost single handidly set that US surf style.

Jack O’neill

The ‘fat’ comes from a failed experiment with an early wetsuit which made him over inflate in the water. He also used to have a surf shack on the beach (where else!) hence the title.

Jack O’neill testing an early wet suit

RIP Curl Pearl is another tribute, this time to early women surfers such as Australia’s first woman surfer Isabel Letham who was taught by Duke Kahanamoku (The Big Kahuna) Mary Ann Hawkins surfing champion through the Second World War and Robin Grigg who was featured in John Severson’s 1963 surf movie, Angry Sea.

Mary Ann Hawkins

Tiki beat is a track influenced by the late Dick Dale hi speed twangs and pounding beats and more reverb than St Paul’s!

Drums of the dead is a theme song written for film or TV which has that classic surf sound with tribal drum backing and slide guitars.