With only a week to go before the release of Killer Tone Jones debut EP ‘Crush The Bone’ Planet X asked The Dead Beat King about the stories behind the songs on the EP.

PX: what are this collection of songs about?

KTJ: They are all based upon strange real life stories, Sci Fi literature and Movies.Which are general themes of a lot of KTJ music.

PX: Is Crush The Bone based on a film?

KTJ: No, it’s based upon the case of three Cannibals who lived in Florida USA. They feasted on human flesh eating it to prevent diseases like Diabetes and depression.

They were arrested in 2017 and I read about it when I was sitting in a Disney theme park. I imagined how ludicrous it was to claim eating people could cure you. So the song puts the listener at the dinner table, obsessing over human flesh and craving more and more.

PX: It sounds like Some early Cramps tracks, was this intentional?

KTJ: yes, we pushed the type of sounds the cramps used back in the early 1980s, majoring on a hard feedback fuzz guitar and Gretsch twang.

We also used that famous Nik Knox Tom sound but added slap bass courtesy of Serena Sykes.

PX: The Girl from Planet X must be B Movie based?

KTJ: yes, it has those kind of visuals, but it actually based on Edgar Rice Boroughs 1912 classic Princess of Mars, which is the main John Carter trilogy.

We looked to bring in some early B52s influences on the backing Vocals and mixed this with raw guitars and rim shots.

PX: Death Cabaret has a slower pace and sleazier feel to it, was that deliberate?

KTJ: Yes, it is about a dream or more accurately a nightmare where a 1930s Berlin nightclub Cabaret is taken over by the X Factor. The only difference is that instead of a golden buzzer failing contestants are introduced to members of the gestapo.

We got added sleaze in the mix with sax riffs played by Charlotte Beattie. This gave the track the swing it needed and late night/ early morning feel.

PX: what is Live:Die:Repeat about?

KTJ: The song title was taken from a strap line of a Sci Fi film called ‘Edge of Tomorrow.’

The film had its main protagonists living the same day over and over again until they find a way to defeat ruthless alien invaders who have taken over most of Planet Earth.

PX: what does this collection of songs say about future releases?

KTJ: next up we have a surf EP for the summer, but the same production and musicians have been used.

One of the tracks ‘Big Fat Jacks Shack’ has already been played on internet radio several times and we hope that the twang is the thang for this summer!


There is always a risk when one art form meets another, especially when music meets visual art, both creatives can want their own vision above all else and that’s why it was essential hank Planet X sourced an experienced and recognised Illustrator for its debut Killer Tone Jones release ‘Crush The Bone’.

Planet X commissioned Darren Merinuk from the US to craft a monster cover for the 4 track EP. Darren had all the right influences from B-movies, sleaze and horror. He also had a great track record so for us this earthling had what it took to advance our alien propaganda.

For the cover we wanted to show Killer Tone Jones at play in his laboratory and to illustrate his quest for eternal resurrection for the dead through experimentation and chemistry.

We’ve included the step by step stages from conception to final draft for the cover illustration. The EP will be released on 1st May 2019 with preorders from late April. You can order via the usual download and streaming sites or via our webshop.

It’s Psychotic, hypnotic and a real rock and roll tonic

The first release from Killer Tone Jones in 2019!

Planet X is preparing to release a 4 track EP in April 2019. The EP will feature Crush The Bone a track from Killer Tone Jones’ debut album Growl as well as three other tracks  The Girl from Planet X, Live:Die: Repeat and Death Cabaret.

Click here for a video exclusive Crush The Bone EP Promo Video

Apart from Killer Tone Jones the tracks feature Steve Jeffery from The Midniters, Serena Sykes from Bamboozle and Lottie B from The Jive Aces.

The dead beat sound of Killer Tone Jones is a mixture of B movie nightmares and garage laced with vintage Gretsch and Fender twang.

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Killer Tone Jones Growl
Killer Tone Jones Growl

KTJ Black logo 1Planet X commissioned legendary British artist Aidan Hughes to design a vector graphic for Killer Tone Jones.


SkullGuy by Aidan Hughes

We have long been a fan of the man and his artwork which has garnered worldwide recognition for its cutting edge, dark and powerful graphics style.

You see more of Aidan’s work here: …  http://bruteprop.co.uk/


AIDAN HUGHES | bruteprop@gmail.com | Facebook

Aidan Hughes was born on Merseyside, England and was formally trained by his father. His influences include Golden Age comic artists Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko and Jim Steranko, the Russian Constructivists, the Italian Futurists and the work of woodcut artists Frans Masereel and Lynd Ward.

Despite having never attended art school, he entered the world of commercial art producing artwork and storyboards for clients such as Warner Bros. the BBC and The London Evening Standard. In the 80’s he began a long-term collaboration with industrial band KMFDM, created BRUTE! pulp magazine and worked extensively in radio, TV and the media.

Other work includes designing and art directing, computer games and animation.

Hughes now lives and works in the Czech Republic.

Official Wikipedia entry


BRUTE! Art from the Pulps. Covent Garden, London 1986. | ‘Git!’ Relief murals w/ Gordon McHarg. The Vault, London 1990. | New Paintings show, Soho Gallery, London 1992. | Exhibition. Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, London 1993. | New Art show. H-Gun Studios, Chicago 1993. | Artist-in-residence, Zombie. Seattle 1995. | ‘Berserk!’ One-man show, Seattle 1997. | ‘Apocalypse Noir’ one-man show, C-Pop, Detroit 1999. | Art Tube 01. Group show w/ Damien Hirst, Yoko Ono, Gavin Turk, Gordon McHarg, Jamie Reid etc. London 2001. | ‘Propaganda’ w/ Shepard Fairey and Winston Smith, Balmy Gallery. San Francisco 2002. | BRUTE! POPAGANDA – Prague 2009 |BRUTE! Republik – Prague 2010. |

TV/FILM – ‘Love Me Gangster’ short film for Channel 4’s Alter Image strand 1986. | ‘Brute’s Adventures of Sizzler!’ Series for Network 7 1987. | ‘Outside the Warehouse’ video for Sham 69 1987. | Dagmar Kreuze promo, Alter Image 1987. | ‘Rocky’. Animated ident for MTV 1988. | ‘Drug Against War’. Animated promo for KMFDM 1993. | ‘ZPC: No Flesh Shall Be Spared’. Animations for PC game (w/ Behemoth) 1997. | ‘Son of a Gun’. Animated promo for KMFDM 1997. | ‘Flaming Head’. Animated ident for Locomotion TV 1998.

Publications ‘Fix Comics’ 1979 | ‘Battle Poet’ w/ Bennett 1981. | ‘Rage!’ Comic 1981. | ‘The Claim’ w/ Bennett 1983. | ‘The Beast of Cszjethe’ serial w/ Bennett, The Magazine 1984. | BRUTE! # 1-7 w/ Bennett 1984-87. | BRUTE! paperback. Sphere Books 1986. | ‘Daft About Lager’ w/ Rohan Daft and Bennett 1989.

Lectures – Cartoon College, London 1986. / Washington State University 1997. / Prague College, Czech Republic 2007-2008.

We will be beaming new sounds down to Earth in 2019 from the dead beat king Killer Tone Jones and blues band The Dogstar Cowboys.

In the meantime enjoy the Midniters critically acclaimed album Terror Incognito and the remastered collectors edition of their debut album Easy Money

The Midniters are sorry to say that their November show in Nottingham has had to be cancelled.

Steve Midniter has been subject to some serious back problems of late and has been sidelined for a while.

Thanks to Paul Mason from Pit and Pendulum for his understanding and hopefully we will be able to reschedule for 2019.

Planet X has just released a new set of short promos for The Midniters album “Terror Incognito”

Planet X was really pleased to launch this aural assault on the inhabitants of Planet earth this year and hopefully, they’ll be more to come from them in 2019!

But before that new acts Killer Tone Jones and Dogstar Cowboy will be releasing debut material.

Check the promos out now:


Great news for the weekend not one, not two but SIX!  Live Videos of The Midniters @ Bedlam 2018 now on YouTube.

Steve Midniter told Planet X ‘ It was a great night for us, it was the first time we had played for about four years and we went down a storm! we had a fantastic time and the crowd was fantastic’

Midniters live at Bedlam 2018

“Serena and Chris were great to play with and we hope to play a few more times together in 2019”

The videos are now live here on our very own YouTube channel. Midniters on YouTube

So far for your aural delight, we have added Pistolero, Personal Jesus, Terror Incognito and Got To Hurry from the highly acclaimed new ‘Terror Incognito’ album and Dead Man’s Curve and Swords of a 1000 men from the classic ‘Easy Money’ album.

Both available now to buy here https://planetxmusic.org/