The Midniters are sorry to say that their November show in Nottingham has had to be cancelled.

Steve Midniter has been subject to some serious back problems of late and has been sidelined for a while.

Thanks to Paul Mason from Pit and Pendulum for his understanding and hopefully we will be able to reschedule for 2019.


Planet X has just released a new set of short promos for The Midniters album “Terror Incognito”

Planet X was really pleased to launch this aural assault on the inhabitants of Planet earth this year and hopefully, they’ll be more to come from them in 2019!

But before that new acts Killer Tone Jones and Dogstar Cowboy will be releasing debut material.

Check the promos out now:


Great news for the weekend not one, not two but SIX!  Live Videos of The Midniters @ Bedlam 2018 now on YouTube.

Steve Midniter told Planet X ‘ It was a great night for us, it was the first time we had played for about four years and we went down a storm! we had a fantastic time and the crowd was fantastic’

Midniters live at Bedlam 2018

“Serena and Chris were great to play with and we hope to play a few more times together in 2019”

The videos are now live here on our very own YouTube channel. Midniters on YouTube

So far for your aural delight, we have added Pistolero, Personal Jesus, Terror Incognito and Got To Hurry from the highly acclaimed new ‘Terror Incognito’ album and Dead Man’s Curve and Swords of a 1000 men from the classic ‘Easy Money’ album.

Both available now to buy here



Our friends over at Shakin Katz radio are helping spread the gospel according to Dr Jones by beaning our the sounds of Killer Tone Jones across planet Earth 🌍

Check out their latest show and listen to the awesomeness of BIG FAT JACKS SHACK which will feature on the Dead Beat Kings debut album GROWL

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist ,

October 17,2018

CHRW 94.9,

Radio Western

Shakin Katz Radio Theme The Vanishers

1. All Night Long … The Royal Flush – Rock’n’Roll …. single

2. Can’t Sleep At Night … The Booze Bombs … Crazy Love

3. 49 Women …. Frank Rothstein … 49 Women ep

4. Back Alley Rumble … The Hang-Ten Hangmen … This Is Boss

5. Sharkbait … The Black Moon Boys … Nuthouse

6. Rumble Strip … The Dice Cubes … Got Lucky

7. What A Trip We Lived … Al Dual Official … Sun Sessions ep

8. Ghost Riders In The Sky … Foggy Mountain Rockers – official … Hang Him High request

9. Ghost Town … Ghost Bastards … Walking Through Boobland

10. Stalker In The Sky … The Lucitones …. S/T request

11. Empty My Sack … Thee Scarecrows aka … Stuffin’ ‘n’ Splinters request

12. Rumhammered … The Del-Vipers …. Cannibal Safari

13. The Ballad …. Saint Killed Her … End Times

14. Cold Call … Gutter Demons (official) … ,No God, No Ghost, No Saints request

15. Shakin’ … Liquid Love Machine … Niche Pop

16. La Patilla … Los Tiki Phantoms … single

17. You Sure Know What Your Doin’ … The Royal Crowns … Volume 3

18. She’s Wild … Greasemarks… S/T

19. Let’s Get Wild… The Desperados-WildRecords … On A Rampage

20. Spy … The Cliff Divers … single

21 Get Away … Nick’s Airlines …. Sky Pirates

22.Mrs. Tolley … Doc & The Headshrinkers … Crashland

23.Tight Skirt (Tight Sweater) … Howlin Bones … Juice The Goose

24. Surf Burger … The Terrorsurfss …. Mutant Surfin’ Trash

25. Did My Time … Messed Up Trio … single

26. Suicide Boogie … The Hoodoo-Tones … Here To Stay

27. Break These Chains … Raygun Cowboys … Cowboy Up ! request

28. Liberty Bell … The 427’s … Stay Gold

29. Favorite Doll … Ray Black & The Flying Carpets … Better Way Of Moving

30 Devil Don’t Tie My Shoes … the black frame spectacle … Grady Sessions

31. High Heeled Devil … EIGHTBOMB … High Heeled Devil

32. Big Fat Jack’s Shack … Killer Tone Jones (Planet X) … Growl

33. The Wobble … Saudia Young … Rockabilly Noir Blues … single request

34.Backwards Bop … Emma and The Ragmen … In The Know

35. Tired Of Waiting … Rockin’ Gina and the Sentinels …. single

36. Voodoo Voodo … Tammi Savoy and The Chris Casello Combovoy … Rhythm and Roll ep

37. Soulful Dress …. The Hawkmen … single

38. You Know I’m Right … The Confusionaires … It’s Time To Make A Little Mess With.

Killer Tone Jones are all set to film some new video for two tracks from the debut album Growl. We can’t wait to see the results!

They’ll be working on ghoulish visual feasts for the tracks ‘The Devils Juice’ and ‘Helloween’ to go alongside the video originals for ‘Crush The Bone’ and ‘Incinerate’ that we already have in the can for release.

Killer Tone Jones will be working at Gunhill studios in Sussex, famous for their work with people including Muse, John Mayer, Elbow, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Randy Crawford, Son Yambu, Mary J Blige, Iron Maiden, Gnarls Barkley,Guy Martin, Paul Carrick and most top classic car brands. They have also completed work on films such as the recent horror fest The Nun.

Planet X recently met Emma a co. at Gunhill and had a great time planning the up and coming shoot.

As well as the Dead Beat King himself, Killer Tone Jones will be joined on set by some of the dancers from Showgirls UK for that extra spice and glamour that only Kerri and her ladies can bring 💋

What a way to build up to the release of the debut #killerToneJones album #Growl

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Can’t wait for The Walking Dead? Here’s a treat for you! Walking Dead Theme Cigar Box version.

On Planet Earth you revel in the chewiness of each other’s bodies and the taste of flesh that’s fresh. We can’t wait for the series 9 of The Walking Dead so here and just for fun is the theme played by Steve Midniter on a Cigar Box Guitar.

Be happy the dead are back !

PS: Wait until the end for the extra bonus feature 🙂

Calling all earthlings our fave band The Midniters have been banned by those all powerful planet earth controllers You Tube.

The cigar box version of Easy Money has been stricken off the site for breaching community standards?!?!

Reasons? The auto response algorithm obviously doesn’t appreciate the mastery of Steve Midniters countrified twang of the classic tune 😱 it is obviously programmed to embrace Miley, Ed and Beyoncé and to spurn the purist tribal tunes.

Will this ban be lifted? Send us your answers on a postcard…. oh wait here on Planet X we have progressed beyond physical mail and use telepathic mind transfer so send us you thoughts earthlings via the meta band wave of rock and roll aka messaging services.

Meanwhile this galactic insult is not going unpunished. Planet X is fighting back and we have decided to launch an attack with our inter planetary death ray ☠️☠️☠️

Before the end of all life on Planet Earth watch the video here and protest against the corporate elite and their mind control propaganda 👽

Great news is that our new artist Killer Tone Jones has had a few sneak plays out there in radio land as we prime planet earth for a something unique and terrifying.

Shakin Katz aired Big Fat Jack’s Shack last week across Canada and the world to rave reviews and Dr Suck Puppy played Crush The Bone on Rockin Devil Radio providing the kind of aural pleasure unknown for years.

There will be a few more sneak peeks across the airwaves as we build up to the debut release from #killerToneJones later this year.

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Pulse-Alternative Magazine Review – The Midniters @Bedlam Breakout #26

THE MIDNITERS have a sound that wouldn’t be out of place in a Tarantino movie. The band don’t waste a second as the frenetic ‘Dead Man’s Curve’ segues effortlessly into the moody ‘Motorbike Mike’. They pepper their set with some choice covers: ‘Personal Jesus’. ‘Please Don’t Touch’ before closing with a raucous rendition of ‘Swords of a Thousand Men’.

Full Review is here……